A combined 279 years of experience

In 1957 we began developing and producing technically innovative drive and control systems as well as accessory products for all types of doors at our headquarters in Germany. In 1989 we established a group of companies with unique capabilities and an international market presence.

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The Marantec Company Group includes many highly specialized companies

We have always believed it is important to focus on ensuring high vertical integration and to offer a complete range of products in the field of drive technology – in order to consistently guarantee superior quality and to enable us to develop customer-specific solutions. This motivated us to search for strong partners: Over the years, the Marantec Company Group has drawn highly specialized companies in the areas of opener technology, control technology, radio systems, and connectivity. After initially handling the internal networking of the companies, we eventually showed the world which companies belonged together. In 2012, for example, Marantec and MFZOvitor had their first joint exhibition booth; in 2018, we appeared for the first time as the Marantec Company Group. Our network now includes 26 companies worldwide. Together we have more than 279 years of experience in developing, producing, and assembling motors, gearboxes, housings, and electronics as well as radio products.

We see change as an opportunity

Today we are breaking new ground together and building on this experience. We have always seen change as an opportunity and have been open to new approaches. We are confronting digitalization, for example, by focusing on networks, cooperation, and a sharing economy. We would like to further integrate as a group of companies and expand our network in the coming months and years. We are convinced that putting our experience to use will allow us to shape the future!

What we do