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The Marantec Company Group relies on innovative ideas and future-focused solution concepts that result from cooperation across multiple companies involving our employees and partners. Our philosophy: Together we can achieve more!

We are looking for people who do not stand still

Identifying opportunities, capitalizing on them, and consistently implementing them – this is what matters to us. But most important are the interests of our customers. We are looking for people who pursue the same goal as we do – people who want to create, who have new ideas, and who want to implement them together with other, like-minded people. People who do not stand still and who are open to collaboration.

We want partners who know what they are talking about

Services of any kind that offer our customers more convenience, security, and efficiency – that is what we are looking for. We need strong partners who know what they are doing and what they are talking about. Partners who have the same quality requirements as we do and whose services meet our standards.

We interact with our partners as equals

The opportunity to share our experience, knowledge, and ideas and to derive innovative approaches and solutions from them – this is what you can expect from a partnership with the Marantec Company Group. We see clear advantages in the shared use of resources in the spirit of a sharing economy: This is what has made us a pioneer and a strong advocate of cooperation and partnerships! So it goes without saying that we work on an equal footing with our partners and always operate in a binding, fast, and trustworthy manner.

What are your ideas?

Would you like to become part of our network as a partner and help us shape the future? We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry and ideas! Please send an e-mail to: info(at)