Internal Corporate Communication via Atlassian Toolchain

Our cooperation with Seibert Media

The Atlassian Toolchain is the center of our worldwide communication. Atlassian Confluence is the communication tool for jointly capturing and developing the knowledge and ideas of the Marantec Company Group. Atlassian Jira is used to coordinate processes from simple "to-dos" to complex development projects. Tasks can be easily created by colleagues with the Jira Service Desk and appear as tasks in the corresponding departments. Additional tools from Atlassian intervene in this toolchain and enable the targeted, effective, and transparent development, optimization, and implementation of our goals.

What we appreciate about the cooperation
with Seibert Media

“With Seibert Media, we have made a huge leap forward with the introduction of the Atlassian Toolchain. This applies to both the hosting and the further development of the toolchain. The quality of the work is characterized by concentrated, interdisciplinary teamwork, through which tasks are implemented quickly, purposefully, and punctually. Seibert Media is really honest: They only make promises they can keep – which is why the goals are always achieved. What’s more, Seibert Media is a source of inspiration for me personally: They not only communicate agile teamwork but also live it every day as a matter of course.”


Marc Hornschuh, Head of Strategic IP-Management, Marantec Company Group

What Seibert Media appreciates about
the Marantec Company Group

“The long-standing cooperation with the Marantec Company Group is very valuable. We notice again and again how important and meaningful a close exchange is. The honest and open communication is positive and profitable for both sides. It is always motivating for me to see that my support helps to advance the strategic goals of the Marantec Company Group.

Marc's enthusiasm for the Atlassian Toolchain is contagious! Working in partnership brings me great joy and I am excited to be part of this joint journey.


Franziska Mußgay, Customer Success Manager, Seibert Media

“From the beginning, we have worked together with the Marantec Company Group as a customer and as an equal partner. Based on honest and early feedback, the cooperation has been a mutually beneficial experience for both sides.”

Kai Sören Becker, Atlassian Consultant, Seibert Media

“The cooperation with the Marantec Company Group is very pleasant, positive, and structured. The personal contact is uncomplicated and always very friendly.”

Thao Tran, Atlassian Consultant, Seibert Media

“I can only report positive things about my collaboration with Marc. We got to know each other personally almost two years ago when he visited us together with a colleague in our Wiesbaden office. This meeting was about the functional expansion of the Blueprint Creator. I remember the appointment fondly because Marc was able to explain his use cases and the requirements derived from them in a structured and detailed manner. As a result, we were able to start immediately with the concept development, in which he proactively participated. When we presented the new features for three months, his feedback was very positive and constructive. I appreciate him very much as a customer and as a person, even if he – with his eye for details – occasionally points out bugs to us.”

Adil Nasri, Partner Manager, Seibert Media

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