We are your partner for precise and powerful drive systems for all types of gates.

We bring together people who are motivated and enthusiastic about the future, and who intelligently and individually automate gates and entrances in the private and commercial sector for you.

We work and live as a network that is constantly expanding and becoming stronger. With our many years of experience and our will to constantly expand our knowledge, we are shaping the future.

Better Together

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Cooperation creates Solutions

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Digital Transformation

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Networking and Sharing Economy

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Better Together

Regardless of the location or department, every single employee makes a significant contribution to the success of the group.

But just as important as our employees are the partners we work with. Making binding commitments and sticking to agreements is the focus of a good partnership for us. We know how crucial it is to learn from each other. To exchange experiences. And to make new experiences together.

Our Brands and Companies

We have always been open to new approaches

As a network of enthusiastic technology specialists, we are open to new approaches and possibilities. We would like to use these in a profitable and beneficial way for ourselves as well as for our partners, in order to create added value for the end customer.

To achieve this goal, we constantly re-evaluate our future-focused thinking and actions!


Our Values

We value mutual appreciation and support

We treat each other with respect and support each other. Every employee is encouraged to contribute his or her expertise and ideas – and thereby to actively shape the future of the Marantec Company Group.


Working at the MCG

Best Solutions Thanks to Cooperation

Start-ups support and enable us to constantly re-evaluate our solutions and business models and to drive the digital transformation forward quickly and in a customer-focused manner. In an open exchange and as equals, we develop opportunities, goals, and future-focused statements – with enormous energy and fun.

Kerstin Hochmüller, CEO, Marantec Company Group

We are developers of convenient and secure drive and control systems. And we love cooperating with others. Bundled resources, expanded know-how, increased competitiveness: By strategically merging with cooperation partners, we can best use our expertise, shape the future innovatively with our shared experience, and support and learn from each other. Successful cooperation results in the best product and project solutions, from which all parties involved benefit.

We cooperate with people, companies, and institutions to develop innovative and comprehensive overall solutions – but we especially like working with start-ups.


About our Cooperations

Digital Transformation Creates Opportunities

We are facing far-reaching changes as a company and as a part of society. Digitization is still in its infancy, yet it is already being felt in all areas. The speed at which digital models and solutions are revolutionizing existing structures and business models is incredible and presents a major challenge to everyone. At the same time, there are also many opportunities that come with digitization – and this is the basis for our future success.

We are open to new approaches and we say yes to the possibilities that are arising in the new, digital world. We bear the responsibility for transforming our company in such a way that it can continue to exist successfully in the future.

Kerstin Hochmüller, CEO, Marantec Company Group

We want to make the leap from an industrial company to a digital one. To this end, we are developing new business models, but above all, we are creating a new ecosystem in which we can realize our ideas.

Networking and Sharing Economy Are Our Future

Through sharing and networking we want to operate successfully. By sharing our competencies and experience with others, we jointly create new and comprehensive business models that a company alone cannot develop. As a medium-sized company we are specialized, as a "Sharing Network" we can additionally change our markets sustainably and become a "Global Creator" – an international developer of innovative solutions and ways.

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