Complete Solutions for Digital Parking Management

Parking space is limited. At the same time, permanently allocated parking spaces are often vacant. Together with our cooperation partner ParkHere, we therefore are rethinking digital parking space management for our customers and markets. Our goal: to use underground and collective garages not only economical, but also comfortable, modern and smart. With our comprehensive service and product portfolio, we simplify everyday lives of drivers, car park managers and private car park owners.

It is no longer the opener or the door that represents the value of a system, but what it can provide for the users.

Kerstin Hochmüller, Member of the Executive Board, Marantec Company Group

Innovative Use of Underground and Collective Garages

The scope of services of the Marantec Company Group and ParkHere includes function modules that you can flexibly assemble according to your individual requirements. Would you like to control the access to the garage, open and close the entrance and regulate the traffic? Or would you like to offer a booking system for parking spaces, guide drivers to their parking spaces and evaluate the car park occupancy? Then we have just the right components for you.

Whether barriers, openers, sensors, terminals with license plate and QR code recognition or an app connection: we offer you everything from a single source, individually and flexibly combinable. If desired, we can also plan your project and provide on-site clarification and take care of the installation, service and maintenance of the operating system.

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Connected. Efficient. Comfortable: Rethinking Parking

Hardware, software and service from a single source: Discover our range of products and services for underground and collective garages.

Our Services at a Glance

Personal Consulting and Clarification

Managing a car park or a multi-storey garage or making private parking space economically usable is an ambitious project. Our experts analyse the situation on site for you and adviseindividually. You describe your challenges and wishes to us. We take over the clarification of the required products as well as the planning and coordination of the overall project.

Installation, Service and Maintenance

After you have decided on your individual package, we ensure that all modules work together perfectly. Our team delivers and installs all necessary hardware and software components. In addition, we ensure through regular maintenance that the system always runs reliably and efficiently. Should you at a later stage decide to integrate further components or to delete no longer needed modules, we will gladly adjust accordingly for you.

Our Products at a Glance

Book Parking Spaces

Knowing in advance exactly where the car can be parked, without searching for long and wasting time: for many drivers, this is a comfortable but rather rare situation. Until now: with the online solution of our partner ParkHere the reservation is easily possible . The driver can reserve a parking space online or via app, is automatically identified by his license plate or QR code when entering and leaving the car park and is guided to the parking space. This ensures the highest possible utilization of the parking space for the operator and saves the driver time and nerves.

Regulate Access to the Garage

A wide range of products are available to enable drivers access to the parking area.

  • We have single hand transmitters in our portfolio as well as a complete manageable radio system. These products are particularly useful for parking areas that are usually frequented by the same people, for example in company buildings or apartment buildings. The manageable radio system for hand transmitters can be programmed via software and USB tool and offers a password-protected database of all objects, receivers and transmitters.
  • Access is also possible via license plate recognition. A built-in camera recognises the license plate and gives impulse to open the door. The authorization administration controls which license plate may open the door at which time.
  • With the ParkHere terminal it is possible to read the QR code from a smartphone display. Parking spaces are reserved via the authorisation administration or via app or online booking. License plate recognition accelerates entry if a license plate has been stored in the administration or with the app.
  • Of course, opening and closing is also possible with our connectivity system maveo. With the "smart with maveo" app, different users can control access with their smartphone. In addition, maveo can be used to implement various individual scenarios. For example, the system recognizes that a driver who has installed the app is approaching the garage and sends a push message to open the door.
  • Alternatively, an induction loop detector can open the door without a hand transmitter, key or similar product. Installed in the floor in front of the entrance, it automatically detects vehicles and sends an impulse to the control unit to open the door or barrier.

Open and Close the Garage Door

Door-friendly and reliable: Comfort 390, our new opener for underground and collective garages opens heavy doors, allows high cycles and is weatherproof. Thanks to its modular expansion modules and the interface to our connectivity system maveo, the opener system can be optimally adapted to the respective application on site. Completely new functions and benefits for different needs can be realized with maveo and expanded in the future without great effort. With light barriers, light grids, signal lamps or closing edge safety devices, we ensure extra safety.

Controlling Vehicle Traffic

With our parking barriers, you can reliably secure access to underground garages, parking areas and work entrances and give authorised persons access to the building within seconds. Depending on width, height and accessibility the entrance, different opener concepts are available: Parc 200, Parc 200 speed and Parc 300. In addition, you have the option of further increasing the efficiency of the entire system, for example by means of a oncoming traffic control with traffic light system.

Find Parking spaces

To have a fixed parking space is practical, to find it easily and quickly is even better. Thanks to a clearly arranged map in the ParkHere app and an LCD panel showing the name and parking period, the driver is guided comfortably to his reserved parking space.

Evaluate Parking Space Occupancy

The ParkHere software dashboard provides information on parking space occupancy. Thanks to real-time information, it is possible to check the overall occupancy, to see if any spaces are available and to determine the identity of parking offenders. You can also manage payments using the system, so that automated pay stations are no longer required.

Parking spaces are already missing today. In many cases, we can solve the problem by efficient use of the already existing space. Combining intelligent software and intelligent drive technology, we offer the perfect matching complete package.

Andreas Schiemann, Sales Director, Marantec Company Group


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