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The decisive factor for the economic success of a business is to make processes as efficient and convenient as possible. The challenge: Automated, digital systems are becoming increasingly complex. For MFZOvitor, the commercial door specialist of the Marantec Company Group, the focus has long been on more than just the standardized opener.

Our openers, controls, safety elements, and radio components can be flexibly tailored to your requirements at any time. We also develop complete special solutions on request. These could be, for example, larger systems with several connected door systems. These are controlled in a network, individually evaluated are taken into operation in a coordinated way. Or special controls for individual systems whose functions go far beyond those of standard door systems.

Sectional doors, folding doors or roller shutters: Our Sales, Service, Product Development and Production teams design the right drive package for your situation on site.

"The entire planning, development, production and documentation of such projects is accomplished by us. This is possible due to a strong team performance and our membership in an international group of companies with a high vertical range of manufacture."

Dirk Wesseling, Technical Director, MFZOvitor

Industry Projects From Practice

Comfort and Safety at the Helsinki Railway Depot

The VR Group emerged from the Finnish State Railway and runs, among other things, the local rail transport in the Helsinki region. MFZOvitor manufactured the door automation for folding doors in the Ilmala railway depot, where the railways are maintained. That the controls could be connected to the existing train alarm systems, was the most important requirement of the group. The doors needed to open quickly and reliably as soon as a train approached. The high running speed and durability of the MFZOvitor products were convincing: We developed folding door openers and controls that can communicate with the other elements of the connected train alarm system.

Fast and Reliable: Folding Door Openers for the Mannheim Fire Station

Sometimes, every second counts: In an emergency, fire trucks must be ready to go as soon as possible. It is important that firehouse doors do not only open quickly, but that technicians can also react immediately whenever an error occurs. The new fire station in Mannheim has 49 four-leaf folding doors equipped with our FDO-Series-Openers. All driving commands are issued by the firehouse's central building control system and the status of the gates is recorded. This makes it possible to quickly locate and eliminate sources of error. Our openers are linked to a large number of safety elements and connected to the existing building control system.

Strong Performance with Impressive Aesthetics – Futurium Berlin

How do we want to live in the future? This is what the Futurium, the house of the future, is all about. The appearance of the building is also futuristic: Behind a huge glass facade, in which the clouds are reflected, the building extends over a good 5,000 square meters. Our challenge was to design a special system for folding doors in cooperation with RS Torsysteme that could be installed in the prism facade. In one housing, two controls were installed. The housings are linked to each other so that a simultaneous door movement is guaranteed. If the safety element of a door responds, both doors must react to it. This was realized with a programmable logic controller. The special door design resulted in numerous pinch points and shearing edges. For a safe door movement, it was therefore necessary to use a variety of sensors such as closing edge safety devices, laser scanners and induction loops. All openers of safety-relevant equipment were integrated into the building control system in such a way that they comply with the standards and guidelines and can still be installed inconspicuously.

"We have a wide range of openers and controls, but our particular strength and the great added value for our customers lies above all in the individualization of these products and solutions." 

Riku Rahikkala, Sales Director, MFZOvitor

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