Commercial Door Drives with DC Technology

The Marantec Company Group combines the best out of the AC and DC worlds: Discover the VTA – the first model of a new generation of high-quality commercial door drives with DC technology. The sectional door drive with a direct current motor ensures a high level of safety due to force cut-off and high-quality components that make the product durable. Thanks to its DC technology, you can put it into operation easily worldwide.

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New Possibilities for Commercial Operation

The VTA 14-61 can be used on doors up to a size of 18 m², for example in small and medium-sized industrial halls, workshops, craft companies and distribution centers.

Depending on the height of the door, you can set variable speeds. This offers two major advantages: The energy balance of your building is optimized by keeping the opening time as short as possible. And in areas where personal protection is required, the speed can be reduced.

Thanks to its soft-start and soft-stop function, the VTA is extremely gentle on the gear unit and the door and guarantees the longevity of the individual components.

DC technology also allows to operate the VTA using a chain, crank or, unlocking device in case of an emergency.

In addition, the sectional door drive has an automatic force cut-off and can be used without active safety components on the door leaf. This simplifies installation significantly and you save costs.

You can put the VTA into operation worldwide at all common 1-phase power supplies without conversion.

The expertise of Marantec und MFZOvitor was merged and combined with new technologies. Thus, we developed a completely new drive concept that meets the increased demands of the market for comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

Michael Schwetje, Head of Electronic Development, Marantec Company Group


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